Yarra Valley Dairy

The Yarra Valley Dairy is located in an area of this fertile valley known as "Hubertswood," a name linked to the very early pioneers to the Yarra Valley in the 1840s.

The early settlers built a dairy to supply the area with great quality cheeses, a tradition that has been handed down to generations. The buildings have a very older style look about them and it is a return in time to visit this property with the old buildings being well over 100 years old.

The farm borders along the Yarra River with the slopes being cultivated to grow lush pastures which are so important in the production of quality milk. The farm has a herd of around 200 Friesian Cows and calving takes place in July/August allowing the cows to take full advantage of the abundant growth of spring pasture. The cows are milked twice a day in a Herringbone Milking Dairy, with the first milking is in the early morning and the second in late afternoon.

The milk is then transferred from the dairy by an underground transfer pipe to the cheese factory.  The milk is pasteurized and then runs into vats for the cheese making process to begin. Around 6000 to 10,000 litres of milk each week is produced and transferred to the Cheese factory. The cheese shop is the public outlet for these locally produced handmade farm house cheeses and there are only a few outlets around Melbourne that are stockists.

You will love the visit to Yarra Valley Dairy and you feel that you are in a time warp as you enter the old buildings. The cheeses are superb and our Mercedes Benz Mini Coach has a fridge for you to preserve your cheese purchases for the trip home.

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